Recently Blake Lively was spotted at Bradley Cooper's NYC apartment.

At Bradley Cooper's apartment, Blake was accompanied by her husband Rayn Reynolds & Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy.

Among the celebs, singer Taylor Swift & X-Men actor Hugh Jackman were also seen.

Fans know that Taylor Swift is Blake's close friend & duo constantly seen together at various events.

Blake & Taylor first crossed paths in 2015, since they were caught together many times by paparazzi.

Blake Lively & her Hubby Ryan Reynolds have attended Taylor's concerts many times.

Taylor was wearing a metallic embroidered cotton rugby shirt & Blake was in a knitted cardigan, jeans ensembled with brown shoes.

Ryan was spotted in the blue jacket & blue jeans with white sneakers while Hugh was in all-black attire.

Taylor & Shawn Levy were seen gossiping & entering together in Cooper's house.

Taylor has been friends with Blake & Ryan for a number of years.

According to sources, this meet-up of Reynolds, Jackman & Levy was not about any movie or new production.