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Pregnant Sienna Miller Vogue photoshoot

Pregnant Sienna Miller did a photoshoot for Vogue magazine.

Recently Sienna Miller posed for a Vogue Magazine photoshoot for the December cover issue. G.I Joe actress did her photoshoot while she was pregnant and going to accept the baby within a month. She was photographed by famous celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz with stylist Evani Frost and makeup was done by Diane Kendal.

Pregnant Sienna Miller did a photoshoot for Vogue magazine
Pregnant Sienna Miller Vogue photoshoot. Photo courtesy: ANNIE LEIBOVITZ/VOGUE

Nowadays Miller is very excited due to her upcoming two-part Western movie Horizon: An American Saga which is written, produced, directed and starred by Kevin Costner. This movie is set to release in June 2024 and she will be co-starred with Jena Malone, Sam Worthington, Michael Rooker and Abbey Lee.

She was so confused while thinking about her barely photoshoot for Vogue World. It was like opposing her own old benefits beliefs. But when she confirmed to do it she posed to the camera so confidently. She was like these photos will have for the rest of her life and will be one of her beautiful memories.

Pregnant Sienna Miller Vogue photoshoot with daughter
Pregnant Sienna Miller Vogue photoshoot. Photo courtesy: ANNIE LEIBOVITZ/VOGUE

Previously actress grabbed eyes with her presence in September when she was spotted on the red carpet at Vogue World. She styled herself with a white two-piece Schiaparelli. She was matched with the ivory two-piece ultra-cut blouse and white skirt and became a trendsetter in pregnancy fashion.

This fashion icon is pregnant for the second time. She already has a daughter named Marlowe (11) whom she shares with ex-fiance actor Tom Sturridge. She was in a relationship with Tom from 2011 to 2015 and was blessed with a daughter in 2012. She was first time photographed with her daughter wearing a two-piece bikini that flaunted her baby bump on the beach in Ibiza.

Earlier Miller was spotted with her current boyfriend actor Oli Green. Miller and her boyfriend Oli have been in a relationship since 2021. They both started dating after they were introduced by their mutual friend at a Halloween party. She and Green have a 14-years age difference though they are living happily with each other. Recently a couple shifted into a West London apartment where they are preparing to welcome their baby.

She discussed with Elle UK about kids and her frozen eggs in 2022. She thinks that the health problems of women have increased in a decade so she decided to freeze from eggs and simultaneously focus on planned pregnancy at this age. Miller says she spent lots of time preparing for pregnancy and getting ready for birth but she has no thought about what will happen when she comes home with a baby. She expressed that she wouldn’t feel the need to make joke about her desire to have a baby at this age.

Sienna opened up about nowadays relationships between men and women. She stated that this generation has more awareness of the dynamics that enter relationships. While facing the camera at the Vogue photoshoot, she was feeling extremely happy and special. She doesn’t look back as there was pain and heartbreak but also she found a lot of fun too.

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